Measure V

In April 2013, Healdsburg began receiving sales tax revenues from Measure V. Revenues generated by Measure V are estimated to be $1,000,000 annually. The City Council developed a Funding Priorities Plan to illustrate needs and demonstrate its intentions to the voters. Priority areas were identified as follows.

Priority 1: Public Safety

  • Identify alternatives to maintain police and fire staffing levels
  • Response times and training requirements
  • Supplement core services with prevention and community outreach programs

Priority 2: Street Maintenance & Repair

  • Restore commitment to street and sidewalk maintenance
  • Prioritize streets and hazardous sidewalks for repair
  • Return to scheduled maintenance
  • Maintain signs and striping
  • Leverage grant opportunities

Priority 3: Economic Development

  • Encourage high quality development that will expand the city’s economic base and generate jobs
  • Develop business retention
  • Expansion strategies to support existing local businesses

Priority 4: Address Deferred Maintenance of City Facilities

Develop a facility plan to provide for the maintenance and repair of city facilities such as:
  • City Hall
  • Community Center
  • Parks
  • Police and fire stations
  • Senior Center
  • The Villa Chanticleer
  • Other city-owned properties

Measure V Documentation