Recycling Programs

There are many recycling opportunities available for Healdsburg residents.

The following is a list of the most commonly asked for recycle opportunities.

Residential Opportunities
  • CFLs and 4 inch lamps
    • Garrett Hardware Healdsburg
      1340 Healdsburg Avenue
      Healdsburg CA, 95448
    • Healdsburg Day Labor Center
      405 Grove Street
      Healdsburg CA, 95448
    • Healdsburg Lumber Company
      359 Hudson Street
      Healdsburg CA, 95448
  • Batteries - excluding car batteries
    • Community Development Center
      435 Allan Court
      Healdsburg CA, 95448
    • Foss Creek Community Center
      1557 Healdsburg Avenue
      Healdsburg CA, 95448
    • Healdsburg Fire Department
      601 Healdsburg Avenue
      Healdsburg CA, 95448
    • Healdsburg Police Department
      238 Center Street
      Healdsburg CA, 95448
    • Healdsburg Senior Center
      133 Matheson Street
      Healdsburg CA, 95448
Commercial Recycling
Assembly Bill 341 (AB341) was approved by the Governor and filed by the Secretary of State on October 6, 2011 requiring commercial businesses and multifamily residential dwellings to arrange for recycling services by July 1, 2012. This bill applies to businesses that generate more than 4 cubic yards of commercial solid waste per week and multifamily residential dwellings of 5 units or more.

To find out more about AB341 and your compliance requirements please see the Sonoma County Waste Management’s website at or call 707-565-2722 or 707-565-3375.

Healdsburg’s solid waste and recycling contractor is Redwood Empire Disposal. To arrange for commercial disposal and recycling services call 707-585-0291 or visit their website for Commercial Services in Healdsburg.

See the latest newsletter from Redwood Empire Disposal (Rato Group) for helpful tips.