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Lower Villa Chanticleer Park

Subfacility of Villa Chanticleer


Picnic Area - Application


  1. Picnic Tables
  2. Playground


Enjoy the scenery of the beautiful Fitch Mountain. Lower Villa Chanticleer Park features a playground, benches, picnic tables, and a dog park.

Dog Park

The Healdsburg Dog Park Committee, a group of community volunteers, worked with the city over a 3 year period to create 2 off leash areas and improved leash laws. The funds to create these 2 dog parks on city property were raised through the Healdsburg Dog Park Fund at the Community Foundation Sonoma County. All donations to the "Dog Park Fund" are tax deductible.

Picnic Area

Lower Villa Chanticleer Park has 4 picnic tables located next to the playground area.

Hours of Operation

8am – 8pm Summer;  8am – 5pm Winter