Administrative Division


Administration of the Department consists of the Chief and a Lieutenant. Administration is responsible for upper-level managerial oversight of all major operational units of the agency including:
  • Budgeting and fiscal management, grant writing
  • Coordination and direction of the police department
  • Internal Investigations, training and professional standards
  • Permit approval and special event coordination
  • Recruitment and employment, organizational staffing, administration and personnel management
  • Research and development
  • Strategic planning

Property & Evidence

The Police Technician assigned to this unit handles all property that comes into the police department whether it is found, evidence in a crime, or held for safekeeping. He is also responsible for getting the items ready for auction through the online service of Property Room. They take our unclaimed property and sell it on-line. They also offer a service called Steal It Back. If you are a victim of a crime and you locate your property on their website, you can “steal it back” by letting them know that it is yours. You won’t have to buy it and they will return it to you at no charge.

Parking Enforcement

This unit consists of 1 full-time Police Technician and 3 part-time parking enforcement officers. Their function is to enforce parking and vehicle abatement laws within the city. On average, the Parking Enforcement Officers write a total of 3,000 citations.