The Building Division accepts building permit applications, reviews plans and inspects all building-related activities within the city limits to ensure compliance with adopted codes. Public assistance is also given to facilitate proper plan submissions and understanding. Enforcement of compliance for both the Healdsburg Zoning Ordinance and building codes rests with this division.


Building permit, plan check and other building fees can be obtained by contacting the Building Division at 707-431-3346. In order to estimate your fees, we will need to know the value and/or square footage of the project.

Projects within Zone 2 or 3 on the General Plan Slope Stability Map require a geotechnical report that is subject to review by the city Geologist (with an associated review fee).

Design Review - Prior to Building Permit Submittal

A separate Design Review application is required to be submitted for review by the Planning Department for the following project types:

Design Review Table

Please refer to Figures 1 and 2 for the boundaries of the following: Character Area 1; Matheson Historic District (HD) Overlay; Johnson Street Historic District (HD) Overlay; and the Grove Street Neighborhood Plan. Please speak with a Planner at the Community Development Counter prior to starting your design to determine the level of Planning Department review. Additionally, if demolition, significant changes or additions are proposed to an existing structure, Planning staff can help determine if a Historic Resource Evaluation (HRE) is required and the applicable review process. Links to the Citywide Design Guidelines, Grove Street Neighborhood Plan and Historic Resource Webpage have been included below for reference.


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    In accordance with the County of Sonoma Shelter in Place Order No.C19-05, updated 4/1/2020, only “Essential and Emergency” operations will be conducted. Read on...
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