City Council Goals

The City Council annually sets goals and priorities. The goals, for FY 2020-21 are as follows.

Adopted Strategic Initiative
for 2020-2025

Adopted Goals
within the Strategic Initiatives

Adopted Outcome
 through June 2021

#1 – Polices and programs to promote economic diversity and sustainable growth Goal 1.1 – Complete the South Area Entry Plan.
Goal 1.2 – Zoning and Density Study of Downtown.
Goal 1.3 – Review policies for Consistency.
Goal 1.4 – Promote economic diversity.

A. Begin Housing Element Update w/look at zoning/density study of downtown (start within FY 2020-21, complete by June 2022).
B. Energize One-Stop to look at ways to quickly assist businesses in the city who want to improve operations and sustainability, and engage Chamber in similar effort.
C. Direct new City Manager to return to Council by March 2021 with a strategy to address economic diversity needs that expand revenue base (including cannabis) beyond TOT and traditional retail.
D. Review permit fees and process by June 2021. Consider ways to reduce processing requirements, resulting in fee reductions. Discuss merits and concerns of a fee holiday.
E. Have a council study session on whether to amend the land use code to reflect a reduction in hospitality uses within land use code designations (by June 2021).

# 2 – Initiatives that Promote Environmental Stewardship Goal 2.1 – Develop City Policies to promote city fleet electrification.
Goal 2.2 – Exceed SB 100’s timeline for providing carbon-free and renewable energy sources.
Goal 2.3 – Prepare and design City electric systems for transportation electrification.
Goal 2.4 – Increase landfill diversion and implement zero waste initiatives as part of City operations.
Goal 2.5 – Continue to develop programs for Climate Change.
Goal 2.6 – Review City’s circulation and connectivity policies.

A. Continue work to exceed SB 100’s timeline for providing carbon-free and renewable energy sources (ongoing)
B. Increase landfill diversion w/help of new 0.5 FTE Zero Waste Specialist, including bringing back CRV return/recycling to the City via a mobile unit if grant is successful (by June 2021)
C. Bring bike parking program to Council (by January 2021).
D. Implement bike wayfinding (Spring 2021).
E. Seek grant funding, complete Healdsburg Avenue modifications (some construction to begin in FY 22/23 – ATP application due 9/15/20)

#3 – Expand Affordable Housing Opportunities Goal 3.1 – Implement the Housing Action Plan.
Goal 3.2 – Identify funding mechanisms.
Goal 3.3 – Preserve existing rental units.
Goal 3.4 – Evaluate options to amend the Growth Management Ordinance.
Goal 3.5 - Implement the Strategies of the Regional Strategic Plan to address homelessness in North County.

A. Complete the goals of the Housing Action Plan by 2022.
B. Establish a Community Housing Development Organization to expand opportunities to access funding for the development of affordable housing by March 2021.
C. Complete a survey of existing multi-family housing with potential for conversion or preservation as affordable housing by June of 2021 and develop programs to add or preserve these units in the City's affordable housing stock.
D. Return to Council by June 2021 with options and alternatives, cognizant of any pending State action as to GMOs
E. Complete a Regional Homelessness Plan, one that provides for (among other things) a shelter/navigation center in North County. Report back to Council on progress by March 2021.

#4 – Maintain and improve infrastructure and facilities Goal 4.1 – Implement the CIP.
Goal 4.2 – Develop a long-term replacement plan for public facilities.
Goal 4.3 – Address deferred maintenance of City infrastructure/facilities.
Goal 4.4 – Maximize efficiency of utility systems.
Goal 4.5 – Improve local streets and roads.

A. Resume design and planning for 3 North Street project; bring forward donation agreement (by September 2020).
B. Continue Pavement Management Plan projects (ongoing)
C. Continue adopted CIP (ongoing)
D. Construction underway for Foss Creek Parkway (complete 10/2021)
E. Seek grant funding, complete Healdsburg Avenue modifications (some construction to begin in FY 22/23 – ATP application due 9/15/20)
F. See North Entry Community Park and Badger Park/River Access (below)

#5 – Provide effective governance Goal 5.1 -Attract and retain an appropriately sized and skilled workforce.
Goal 5.2 - Maintain proactive communication with residents and businesses.
Goal 5.3 - Conduct community survey to gauge support for extending Measure V.
Goal 5.4 - Maintain transparent reporting and budgeting process and review reserve policy.
Goal 5.5 - Develop staff wellness program.
Goal 5.6 – Develop staff succession plan.

A. Community Survey and ballot measure to extend Measure V (now on November 2020 ballot as Measure T) (completed).
B. Specific outcomes to improve communication (by June 2021). See Attachment C.
C. Specific outcomes to improve budget transparency (by June 2021). See Attachment C.
D. Specific outcomes regarding staffing (by June 2021). See Attachment C.
E. Develop a Council item on whether/how to embark on a broader community equity discussion w/residents, businesses, community organizations, schools to address the needs and concerns of persons who are underrepresented (by January 2021).

#6 – Maintain and enhance public health and safety Goal 6.1 – Maintain excellent police services.
Goal 6.2 – Ensure emergency preparedness.
Goal 6.3 – Explore technological enhancements.
Goal 6.4 – Maintain excellent fire services
Goal 6.5 – Invest in appropriate resources.

A. Maintain strong level of emergency preparedness (ongoing).
B. Bring back an update on the vision for the Fire Substation presented to the Council for additional review and ideas by November 2020.
C. Develop community equity policing model and evaluate various funding models (by June 2021).

#7 – Provide resident-driven community services Goal 7.1 – Complete the design and construction of the North Entry Community Park.
Goal 7.2 – Complete Badger Park redevelopment and access improvements for Fitch Mountain Park and Open Space Preserve.
Goal 7.3 – Improve access to the Russian River that reinforces it as a community asset.
Goal 7.4 – Support the outcomes of the arts and culture master planning process to enhance the role of arts in the community.
Goal 7.5 -- Continue to develop and enhance community-based multi-generational recreation programs, services and special events.
Goal 7.6 - Determine the future direction of the Healdsburg Community Center and ensure future funding for the Center.

A. Complete the North Entry Community Park master planning process (by June 2021).
B. Resume the Badger Park and River Access master planning (by December 2020). Determine how to construct the Badger Park restrooms sooner within the context of the master plan.
C. Bid the completed Fitch Mountain access improvement design (by February 2021).
D. Present the draft Arts and Culture Master Plan to Council (by March 2021).
E. New City Manager to bring forth a longer-term funding approach for CS that looks back at the COVID-19 experience to ensure that revenue reductions do not impact vital programs, and that revenue windfalls are used strategically (including reserve-building) (by March 2021).