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Stage 2 Water Restrictions For 2022

The following water restrictions are mandated to reduce water usage by a citywide 20% (based on an average of 2017-2019 usage) in order to maintain water supply to sustain public health and safety needs for the remainder of the year:

  • Apply outdoor irrigation water only during the evening and early morning hours to reduce evaporation losses (8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.).
  • Irrigation and automated sprinklers and drip irrigation systems shall be limited to three days per week citywide for all customers. Allowed irrigation days shall be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • Routinely inspect, and repair as required, all irrigation systems for leaks, and adjust spray heads to provide optimum coverage and eliminate avoidable over-spray and run-off.
  • For irrigation valves controlling water applied to lawns, vary the minutes of run-time consistent with fluctuations in weather. Reduce minutes of run-time for each irrigation cycle if water begins to pool or run off to gutters and/or ditches before the irrigation cycle is completed.
  • Utilize water conservation incentives, as available, to replace inefficient plumbing fixtures and appliances with water efficient models.
  • Stop the washing of sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots and other hard-surfaced areas by direct hosing, except as may be necessary to prevent or eliminate materials that present a danger to public health and safety.
  • Correct and repair the escape of water through breaks or leaks within the customer’s plumbing or private distribution system. It shall be presumed that a period of 72 hours after the customer discovers such a break or leak, or receives notice from the City, is a reasonable time within which to correct such break or leak or, at a minimum, to stop the flow of water from such break or leak.
  • Stop the noncommercial washing of privately owned motor vehicles, trailers or boats excepting when utilizing a bucket and hose equipped with an automatic shut-off.
  • The City will not accept or approve building permits for new swimming pools unless the owner agrees to obtain pool water from a source other than the City’s potable water system.
  • Refilling of a swimming pool except when topping off to prevent damage to pump and filter equipment is not allowed. Owners of pools should use a cover to minimize evaporation.
  • Use of potable water for dust control, compaction, and other construction purposes. Only recycled water may be used for dust control, compaction, and other construction purposes as allowed by the Regional Water Quality Control Board or other governing bodies.
  • Water use by a vehicle washing facility shall be limited to 80 percent of the water used by the facility from corresponding billing period in the prior year, unless such washing facility treats and recycles wash water, in which case this provision shall not apply.
  • Water use for any nonresidential use shall be limited to 80 percent of the water used by the customer during the corresponding billing period in the prior year.

View the full list of water restrictions here.

Reading Your Utility Bill

Utility Bill - Usage History

Utility Bill - History

Utility Bill - Current Usage

Utility Bill - Current Usage


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