Smart Living Healdsburg

Less is More, Any Time of the Year
As the City's Utility Department works to supply Healdsburg's electricity, water, wastewater needs, we are keenly aware of the importance of using these resources efficiently and effectively. Just as it is our responsibility to reliably deliver these services to our customers, it is also our responsibility to provide our customers with information, opportunities, and incentives to help them use these resources efficiently and effectively. 


Check out our Energy Efficiency and Rebates page to find out how to use less energy and save money or, better yet, call 707-431-3346 to schedule a free home energy and water audit!


Water is a limited resource with demands from humans, animals, vegetation, bodies of water, and others. It is a critical part of our local and global ecosystems, and is imperative that we preserve it's  long-term viability. 

The City offers water conservation rebates and programs to help customers reduce water consumption, and save money. Check out our water rebates page for more information

What is your household's water footprint? 

Find out with Grace Communications Foundation's Water Footprint Calculator


Recycled Water

With the rainy season upon us, the Recycled Water Filling Station at the Wastewater Treatment Facility is now closed.

For more information, check out our Urban Irrigation Self-Hauling Program page.