Recycled Water Program Expansion

In 2005, the City implemented a water recycling program that made a portion of the treated wastewater available to nearby water users. Uses of the treated wastewater are limited to vineyard irrigation, commercial landscaping, and landscape irrigation. Treated wastewater is conveyed from the City’s Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) via two pipelines that extend north and south of the WWTP and via trucks, which haul water to additional users. 

The City is now proposing to increase the volume of water in the water recycling program. To increase the volume of water and to eliminate discharges to surface waters, the City proposes to: 

· Install recycled water conveyance pipelines; 

· Add approximately 1,160 acres of land that could receive recycled water through new pipelines (2018 Proposed Area) to the program; 

· Expand the list of water uses beyond those currently allowed in the water recycling program to potentially include: orchards (apple, peach, plum/prune), cannabis, irrigated pasture, direct livestock watering (not including dairy cows), frost protection, and other agricultural uses occurring in the vicinity of the WWTP. 

· Add 3,540 acres of land that potentially could receive recycled water at a future date (2018 Program Expansion Area). 

The circulation period is from August 1 - September 16, 2019.