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Fees - Development, Annexation, Etc.

Public Works Standards

Local Road Safety Plan

Local Road Safety Plan December 06, 2021

Permit Applications

Encroachment Permits

An encroachment permit is required for any work performed within the public right-of-way, within a public easement, or on public property. For more information please download the application form above.

Recycled Water Hauling Permit

Visit the Recycled Water Page

Transportation Permit

A transportation permit is required for any oversized or overweight vehicle intending to use City streets. For more information please download the application form above.

Wastewater Discharge Permit

The City’s wastewater ordinance requires all users discharging anything other than domestic sewage to first apply for and receive a wastewater discharge permit.  For more information contact Rob Scates at 707/431-3346.

Ongoing Parklet Permit

In 2022 the Healdsburg City Council approved the Ongoing Parklet Program (OPP) with the aim to increase activity and vibrancy in the downtown area. To apply for an Ongoing Parklet Permit please read the Ongoing Parklet Permit Guidelines and fill out the Application. Applications can be submitted at City Hall or emailed to the Ongoing Parklet coordinator - Scott Mann