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The following applications have been received for consideration by the Planning Department.


Application activity table.
Location                               Application     Description Documents      Hearing Date                          
421 Foss Street DR 2018-11 Addition of 14 rooms and additional parking spaces up to a total of 24 spaces. 12 of the rooms will be located above the existing rooms and the existing lobby/office building would be removed and replaced with new two-story office/lobby building including 2 hotel rooms and amenity space and bike shop for clients. Application
Project Description
All properties within the city which are zoned Plaza Retail (PR) and Downtown Commercial (CD) LUA 2018-05 Amendments to the City of Healdsburg Municipal Code Title 20 including: Section 20.08.145 Permitted and Conditionally Permitted Uses: PR, CD, and CS Districts; Section 20.28.310 Definitions; and establishing a new Section 20.20.090 to limit the size and location of hotel uses within the Plaza Retail and Downtown Commercial zoning districts. Agenda Packet PC 10/30/2018
15119 Grove St TM 2018-02 Tentative Subdivision Map to divide a 2.16-acre parcel into 4 lots and a designated remainder parcel    
106 Matheson St DR 2018-03 Modification of an existing commercial space to include retail, restaurant and 2 owner occupied residential units.   PC Workshop 12/11/2018
16977 Healdsburg Ave TM 2017-04 The North Village - Subdivision of a 32.17 acre parcel into 3 parcels and a remainder. Application Materials
Area Plan
146-168 Healdsburg Ave The Mill District On March 17, 2017, the City received a Tentative Map application for the property at 146 and 164 Healdsburg Avenue (the site occupied by Nu Forest lumber). City departments are currently reviewing the application materials to determine if the information provided in the application submittal is complete; a determination will be made by April 17th (end of the 30 day review period). A public copy of the application materials are available during business hours at the Community Development Center. Additional information regarding this project will be updated on the City’s website as the review process continues. Application Materials PC 1/8/2019
120 Parkland Farms Blvd TM 2015-07 Parkland Farms Subdivision Phase 11 - 10 lots   Planning Commission TBD


Subject                            Description Links                     Schedule        
North Area Entry Plan Preparation of an Area Plan prior to development of the 32 acre former mill site at the north end of the City (Quaker Hill site).  Study Information Planning Commission 12/11/2018

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