Accessory Dwelling Units - ADUs

Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulation Changes

On May 6, 2019, the City Council considered the Planning Commission and Community Housing Committee recommendations regarding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The City Council considered updates to the Healdsburg Municipal Code regarding Accessory Dwelling Units to provide more flexibility and changes to the associated development impact fees. The Council considered the following:

  • Increasing the maximum size of an ADU to 1,200 square feet
  • Providing a Site Coverage exception for ADUs 850 square feet or less
  • Provisions for on-site parking for garage conversions
  • Reorganization of the ADU Ordinance to be more user friendly and renumbering for various Tables in the Land Use Code
  • Allowing ADUs in Multi-Family Zoning
  • Changes to ADU Impact Fees to 2 tiered structure as follows:
    • Tier I (Up to 850 square feet) pay 0% of the single-family impact fees
    • Tier II (851-1,200 square feet) pay 50% of the single-family impact fees

Next steps
The changes noted above will require second reading by the City Council on May 20, 2019. If approved, the proposed changes would go into affect 30 days after the second reading (June 19th). In addition to the second reading, the Council will take action on rescinding of Urgency Ordinance No. 1169. Rescinding of the Urgency Ordinance is needed since the proposed ADU changes provide the same or more flexibility than the existing Urgency Ordinance.  Staff will be working on updating the City's website and ADU information over the next couple of months. For more information, you may contact Shaunn Mendrin at 707-431-3107 or by email.

City Council Review
The May 6, 2019 City Council staff report and attachments are available online at the following links:

Planning Commission Review
The Planning Commission held a public hearing on April 9, 2019 to consider proposed changes to the existing Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance. The Planning Commission considered changes to increase the maximum ADU size, site coverage requirements, parking requirements for garage conversions and reorganization to make the code more user friendly. The Planning Commission staff report and associated attachments are available at the links below.