Vacation House Checks

About the Program

The Healdsburg Police Department provides a house check service to residents who reside within the city limits of Healdsburg while away from their residence on vacation. The maximum duration of this service is 10 Days per calendar year. House check request in excess of 10 Days will result in a fee set annually by the master fee schedule. Officers will make a reasonable effort to check the perimeter of your residence once each day. It is our hope that these checks will prevent a problem from occurring at your residence. However, it is possible that other police activities and responsibilities will prevent daily checks.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the discovery of a problem may be after the fact. If a problem is discovered, we will make every attempt to identify the responsible(s) and notify the person you designated as your representative on the house check request form. Therefore, it is important for you to provide the name, address, and telephone number of a representative who is willing to respond with a key to your residence, if requested by a police officer.

The Police Department’s agreement to provide this house check service will in no way suggest or imply a guarantee of special crime prevention measures at your residence.

If you have any questions about the vacation house check program please call our business line at (707) 431-3377.


House Check Form or submit an online request through the online request portal.